Message from the Chairman of Committee

The Placement Committee of Government Law College is one of the most important Committees of the College, shouldering the responsibility of providing a stepping stone to success to budding lawyers graduating from the College.

The Committee aims at exhausting all possible opportunities of recruitment with law firms, counsels, LPOs and corporate houses. It acts as a link between the recruiters and the students, thereby fulfilling the needs of both, and enabling the students to get placements on campus. The members of the Placement Committee strive hard to ensure that maximum students from the college get placements, thus providing them with an opportunity to showcase their skills.

The Annual On-Campus Recruitment Program 2012-2013 was a grand success, as the Placement Committee, true to its motto, succeeded in having more than 60 top law firms, counsel and corporate houses recruit our students.

Since last year, the Placement Committee has been implementing the recruitment process throughout the year, thus functioning all year through. This academic year, apart from assisting in the recruitment process throughout the year, the Committee came up with two“PlacementWeeks”, one successfully conducted in September/October 2012 and the second scheduled in February 2013. This widening of the scope of the activities of the Committee is sure to benefit both the students and the potential employers.

The participation of a large number of students, lawyers, solicitors, law firms and corporate houses was a source of inspiration for all students who work zealously for the Committee, and will encourage them to undertake the Recruitment Program of the current academic year with even greater zeal and enthusiasm.

Prof. H. D. Pithawalla