Recruitment Process

  1. Recruiters may, in accordance with their own policy, conduct a Recruitment Process of their preference – On-Campus Interviews, Off-Campus Interviews, Group Discussions, Written Tests etc. Recruiters have to, as far as possible, adhere to the Process mentioned to them by the placement committee. Any change in the Recruitment Process of the Recruiter must be conveyed to the Placement Committee, well in advance.

  3. Recruiters are requested to mail or deposit with the Placement Committee, the list of selected candidates along with a list of candidates, who have been wait-listed, in order of their preference.

  5. The above mentioned lists should be sent to the Principal, Government Law College and labelled “Placement Committee” on or before the date which will be communicated to the recruiters.

  7. These sealed envelopes will be opened only by the Principal along with the Professor-in- Charge and the selected candidates will be informed accordingly.

  9. The selected candidates who feature on more than one Recruiters List would be given the liberty of accepting the offer of their choice. In the event of a Selected Student not joining a Recruiter, for any reason whatsoever, the candidates on the waiting list will be elevated. This will be done according to the order of preference given by the recruiters. The final decision will thereafter be intimated to the Recruiters.

  11. Recruiters must not, in any case, communicate any offer directly to the candidates.